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Our kennel is dedicated to breeding the ideal Collie.

For us this means a health tested dog with the temperament and structure described

in our breeds WRITTEN STANDARD.

We are located in Centralia, Washington on 12 beautiful, wooded acres.  

We breed rough and smooth coated collies in all of the accepted colors.

Our dogs are intelligent, healthy, well balanced individuals

with solid temperaments and big personalities. 

They are excellent family members. 

Our small breeding program has produced Best In Show,

Multi-Group Winning, Multi-Group Placing, Multi-Specialty Winning Collies.

We've had numerous wins at the National level and many dogs in the top breed rankings

over the years.

Our collies have participated in many performance events with their owners,

such as herding, agility, lure coursing, obedience, rally, nose work,

service work, therapy work, tracking and search and rescue.

Long Standing Member of:

Collie Club of America
Collie Health Foundation

Overlake Collie Club
Inland Empire Collie Club

Pacific NW Collie Club


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