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💜Moxie Fly By Night BN RA PT CAA BCAT RATN TKN "Florence" (14pts, 1 Major)

💙Moxie Paint By Numbers CD PCD BN GN RAE OA NAJ OAP OJP ACT2 CGC "Portrait"

💚Moxie Catch Me If You Can NAP NJP ACT2 CGC "Jett"

💛Moxie's Adamantium Man CD BN RE CAA CGC HIC TT, CCA Shining Star "Logan"

🧡Moxie's Good Witch Of The North SWA SIM SCM SEE SHDE CGC TKP RATO ORT NW1 L1C L1I "Breezy"

❤Moxie Set To Stun SCN SBN "Bones"

💜Moxie's Simply Amused RN CGC "Skylar"

💙Moxie's Skyfall RN CGC HIC "Bond"

💚Moxie's Star-Lord RN. "Crispin"

💛Moxie Court Jester RN "Jasper"

🧡Moxie's Stars Are Fire RI IT "Keegan"

❤GCHB Moxie Laugh It Off RN CA "Lucy" (multi group placing)

💜Ch Moxie's Outta' Sight RA "Stella" (group placing)

💙Ch Moxie In Good Company IT "Scarlett"

💚Ch Moxie's Last Laugh HIC CGC "Gala"

💛Ch Moxie Logically Speaking "Spock"

🧡Ch Moxie Speakeasy "Gibson"

❤Ch Moxie's Chillin' Like A Villin' HIC "Quinn" (group winning)

💜Ch Colebrae Belfair The Joke's On You (group placing)

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