Ch. Moxie Behind Th' Moon


Moxie's Skyfall HIC "Bond" x

Colebrae Moxie Skylark "Lark"

Whelped June 3rd 2018

Co-Bred with Jennifer Laik

& Alene Evans

see pedigree below

Kyte New Champ .jpg


She finished her championship at the California Collie Fanciers Specialty in November 2019 handled by Jennifer Weatherly. 

Co-bred with Jennifer Laik and Alene Evans.

Kyte stack in snow Feb 2019.jpg
Kyte snow.jpg
Kyte and Noshi.jpg
Kyte neck.jpg
Kyte Brooklyn Fall 2018.jpg
Kyte 2.jpg
Kyte great free stack.jpg
Kyte standing.jpg
Kyte 1.jpg
Kyte 3.jpg
Lark Bond redo 8 2018.png