Moxie's Royal Nonesuch IT


Moxie's Law Of The Jungle "Kipling" x Belfair A Ginger Sunrise "Ginger"

 Whelped July 14th 2019

Sable Merle Male

Bred by Melinda Barber

Owned by Ali Seeber and Melinda Barber

**see pedigree and health testing below**

"IABCA's 2021 Spokane Valley Sieger International Dog Show ended with a huge surprise for Huck and I!

Huck was awarded Grand Sieger, after winning BIS for show 3. Thank you to all judges for this award, it’s really meaningful when a panel of 6 judges picks Huck as the best of the weekend Jean Pero, Robin Hug, Cheri Hollenback, Dean Laney, Pat Putman, and Kristi Wheeler - thank you so much for your kind words, patience, and hard work. I have never won a ribbon this big!

Int’l Ch Moxie’s Royal Nonesuch IT “Huck”, in his summer swimming suit and 100% natural

Show 1 - BOV and Group 1 awarded by Jean Pero

Show 2 - BOV and Group 3 awarded by Dean Laney

Show 3 - BOV and Group 1 awarded by Robin Hug, BIS awarded by Pat Putman and Kristi Wheeler

Show 4 - BOV awarded by Cheri Hollenback

Grand Sieger awarded by every judge previously listed, a huge thank you for seeing the potential my 2 year old has!"

-Ali Seeber

Health Clearances

DM: At Risk/Affected

DMS: Aabb

MDR1: Mutant/Mutant

PRA: Clear

OFA: pending

Canine Cyclic Neutropenia: Clear

Hyperuricosuria: Clear

Kip Ginger 1.jpg