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Forever homes

Moxie Made To Shine "Mia" and Moxie Dark Roast "Kona" are also being shown and are on co-ownerships

Moxie Deorsa Can We Talk? "Joan" will be co-owned with Kathleen George.

Add performance pages for Portrait, Keegan and Jett, Florence

Scarlett was WB/BOW on Saturday for a couple more points.

Bones & Breezy in forever homes.

On Logan's page... Add that he was a "2017 CCA Shining Star Recipient" and that we couldn't be prouder of them.


Moxie's Dark Necessities

Shannon Coates writes on FEBRUARY 3rd 2013 ...

"Today marks 6 months since Logan finished training and started working.

He is my autism service dog, and since autism has a wide range of effects, Logan does a wide range of tasks. He does limited guide, balance, and signal work, along with my most used tasks - navigational work, such as finding entrances, exits, the car, and bathrooms, and following regular routes such as to and from classes, among other things. He's such a huge help, and the 2 years and 2 months it took to train him were certainly worth it! Also, a HUGE Thank You to Lorraine Frasquillo for telling me about his wonderful breeder, and to Melinda Barber for picking such a fantastic dog for the job and trusting me with one of your amazing collies!"

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